Hello World

So, it appears that I’ve just appeared here. Out of thin, not so breathable space.

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home sweet home

And I think that I will tell you about yourself now –

About what is going on in the world, what I think about all the charades, and this big big internet, well, I am going to help summarize specific parts of it… Maybe a post on carbon offsets to fight this so called climate change. A post on why Nietzsche wishes pain on his friends and stability on his enemies. And of course, a few posts on Effective Altruism and why you should pursue impact to the ends of the Earth.

Take a seat. Click a tab. And enjoy reading what’s been on my mind.


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Deep Work

In researching his book on college success, Cal Newport compared hundreds of the highest achieving college students to those slightly less achieving. Can you guess which group of people he found to study less?   Surprisingly, the students with higher GPAs. The reason, he claims, is that they “understood the role intensity plays in productivity andContinue reading “Deep Work”

Idea: (Quick) Healthcare Consulting Service to correct for asymmetric information

I just want to put this out there, in an attempt to be more free flowing with my ideas. If you somehow come upon this post (not sure how that might happen) and also (somehow) think this is a good idea, run with it! I listened to this Econtalk podcast on free market healthcare thatContinue reading “Idea: (Quick) Healthcare Consulting Service to correct for asymmetric information”

Barebones Idea: Mechanism to Solve the Positive Externality Problem of Private Investments

I was thinking about positive externalities the other day with a friend. The thought I came up with was this… imagine that you own an apartment in a condominium, call it A, and you know someone else who lives in condominium B. A convenience store investor is looking to build a Seven-Eleven in either AContinue reading “Barebones Idea: Mechanism to Solve the Positive Externality Problem of Private Investments”

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